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About Us

The Pasadera Builders Purpose

Pasadera Builders is a full-service building team preceded by its reputation of technical knowledge, ability and artisanship.  Complexity of architecture and varied project types are our strengths.  Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our success through communication and a steadfast commitment to excellence.


We specialize in high-end residential construction in the San Antonio and Hill Country areas.  Our team combines nearly 80 years of building experience that encompasses high-end custom residential, hospitality lodging, community amenities, multi-family housing, new build and commercial remodel projects.


Pasadera was founded on the belief that each building project should provide purpose and meaning not only to our clients but also to the building team.  Our portfolio of completed projects speaks more to who we are than any cliché platitude ever could.

Praise for Pasadera Builders

Where We Build

At Pasadera Builders, we’re willing to build your dream home, perfect office space, or ideal commercial/industrial property nearly anywhere. That being said, there are several areas of the Texas Hill Country that we build a majority of our projects.

Cordillera Ranch 2

Cordillera Ranch

San Antonio

San Antonio

Johnson Ranch - Bulverde TX




The Pasadera Builders Difference

Pasadera Builders was founded on the belief that every client deserves an elevated building experience. As a builder that specializes in Hill Country luxury homes, we understand the discerning tastes of our clientele and use our experience to deliver a cultivated experience from the beginning concept to the final walk-through.


At Pasadera Builders, we always deliver:


  • Elegant, unique designs
  • Pristine, meticulous craftsmanship
  • Artistic, elevated concepts
  • Refined, fastidious artisanship
  • Relentless pursuit of client satisfaction


When it comes to our residential projects, Pasadera knows that the client’s end goal is not to build a house, but to create a home that will serve as the fulcrum of their family for years to come.  The pursuit of that goal provides Pasadera with the foundation – both literally and figuratively – to lead our building team to success at every endeavor.