The Home Building Process, Made Simple

As experienced Hill Country custom home builders, we listen to the desires and dreams you have for your new home. Our goal at Pasadera Builders is to get to know our families so that we may better understand their needs of their new home. Through the years, our priority has never shifted from providing our home owners with a confident and positive experience throughout the entire home building process. 


Before the process starts, we are more interested in you. What does your new life in your new home look like? Is your days fill with events like entertaining guys and family members? Is it filled with little ones running around? Is it filled with music? Or is it just relaxing in the Hill Country? We want to know, and in order to do that, we begin with an introductory meeting. Let us know what your wishes are and we will let you know how to obtain them. 


The first step with any newly built home is, of course, selecting a homesite! Believe it or not, having a builder accompany you in this process may end up with you saving time and money. Choosing a homesite based on your home needs and comparing it to the topography of the homesite is essential. Luckily, we have years of experience with site planning and would be happy to help you with that part of the home building process. 


By relying on our past building experience, we have made strong relationships with both architectural and design firms. Often, the Pasadera team is involved in those meetings, making the architectural design process flow seamlessly.

Once you have a homesite and architectural drawings have been approved by an architectural review committee if applicable, we will begin the interior design phase. This is where your home truly becomes part of your family. We are interested in understanding your desires, selections, and unique style to truly meet your expectations. 


We will be having a series of meetings for you to make your elegant and unique selections. If you wish, we can refer you to an interior designer whom we feel has the experience and knowledge to bring your dreams to life.


Something that sets Pasadera Builders apart from other builders is our passion for light design. How could you truly enjoy your home if you are not seeing it in the best possible light? Pasadera Builders has a highly trusted and knowledgeable lighting designer to assist us with just that! The benefits of this process is a delivered designed element and well worth the extra effort (not to mention the energy efficiency). 


As the construction unfolds, our skilled craftsmen make sure your expectations are met and your home is completed.  If desired, we can provide regular onsite meetings, or if you choose to have a minimal role during construction, we will keep all lines of communication open to ensure continuity so you remain confident in our ability to provide your dream home. Remember, it is our priority that you are having an enjoyable experience. 

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