Building vs Buying: How to Get Your Dream Home

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Building vs Buying: How to Get Your Dream Home

Thinking of buying a house? You might have a list of all the essentials that your home needs. But after browsing the market, you’re finding that it’s hard to check all the boxes. Then you get an idea: why not build your Hill Country dream home instead? Buying a house is as stressful as it is exciting – the same can be said about building a new one. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and deciding between the two can be tough. Here are a few things to consider before making your decision:


The cost.

It will cost more to build a new home than to purchase a resale home. You can always expect a few surprises during construction, so plan your budget accordingly. Although there’s something to be said for character homes, they tend to cost a lot in repairs. You might also want to renovate and upgrade an older home if it has outdated materials or used appliances. Then there’s the cost of building a new home: construction fees, building materials, and hiring a designer, to name a few. A newly-built home shouldn’t require any fixes for several years after it’s built, but with an older property, you may have to pay for several repairs as time goes on.


The waiting time.

When you purchase an existing home, you can move in as soon as the deal closes. How convenient! If you go the other route and decide to build one, you’ll be waiting for months until construction is complete – sometimes over a year. Ask yourself how long you’re willing to wait to move into your house, and factor in any rent you’ll be paying during this time. 


The HVAC system.

Let’s face it – it’s HOT in this part of the state about three quarters of the year. While folks up north can skimp on an HVAC system, it’s a pretty big necessity here. An existing home will already have a heating and cooling system installed, but you’ll have to purchase one yourself if you’re building a home – this can be quite an expense. That said, you’ll need to inspect your air conditioner when you buy an older home and make sure it’s working efficiently. Either way, you might be better off with a new model that is energy efficient and has a warranty intact.


The location.

Are you searching for a home in a specific neighborhood? You have a variety of options if you want to buy an existing property. For new constructions, you have to settle on an area where there’s space for you to build. This might mean a newly developed location where your favorite restaurants, schools, and grocery stores are far away. How will it affect your commute to work? You might be a fair distance from convenience if you decide to build a new home. 


The time commitment.

When you move into a house that’s built already, you’ll spend your time figuring out how you want to improve it or things you want to change. The process of building a custom home will involve a lot of planning – and a lot of time – on your part. What will the layout be? How much will you spend on fixtures? What materials will you use? The list goes on. You might find it stressful to juggle the specifications of your home while managing the other aspects of your life, like a job and/or family. Before you decide to build a house, make sure you’ve got the mental space for it, or you’ll be dealing with a lot of headaches and stress. 


The cost of materials.

Let’s talk about insulation: your house needs protection from the outside elements, whether it’s the frigid cold, blazing sun, or heavy rainfall. To control your utility bills and save your property from moisture damage, insulation is essential. If you’re building a house, research what insulation material is best for the climate it’s in. Spray foam insulation is waterproof and acts as a vapor barrier. When you buy an older home, it may be under-insulated, or the material may be in bad shape. Still, it will cost less to replace a portion of insulation than to purchase the material for an entire house. Renovating existing homes can pose other challenges; they are often made with materials that aren’t safe to remove, like lead and asbestos – there may even be mold in some places. 


The design.

You might prefer a modern home that’s sleek and freshly built; there’s no harm in that. But what about an older character home? They don’t build houses these days the way they used to. For antique crown molding or designs that reflect a bygone era, you have to buy a resale home. A new home tends to look generic unless you have the money to spend on customizations. 


The Perfect Aesthetic.

Speaking of customizations, there’s a double-edged sword to consider there, as well. With a new custom home, you literally get to design every aspect of the home to your exact specifications and desires. Want a large kitchen with plenty of room to prepare big family dinners? Done. Need a huge living room or theater room for entertaining and relaxing. You got it. With an older home, however, you’re unlikely to find a home that’s 100% perfect in every aspect. You may get the living room and overall size you like, but need a kitchen renovation to maximize the space in the ideal manner. Or perhaps you’ll love the backyard, but feel like you desperately need to give the whole home a new paint job. Choosing whether you want all the details customized to your exact preferences of if you’re willing to settle on some minor facets can go a long way to deciding which option is better for you.


Hiring the right home builders

Even with the most solid plans and a soundproof budget, your home will fall apart if it’s not built by experienced and qualified home builders. You need to find the right set of people to build your house so it will stand the test of time.  


If you decide to move forward with your Hill Country custom home build, trust the experts at Pasadera Builders. We’ve been serving the Boerne, San Antonio, and Bulverde areas with professional home building services for over a decade and have earned a reputation as the go-to contractor for luxury home builds. Contact our team today to start your building process with a free consultation.

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