Steps to Building a Luxury Commercial Building

luxury commercial building

Steps to Building a Luxury Commercial Building

When you’re relaxing in the lounge of a 5-star hotel, or you’re enjoying drinks in the clubhouse of an exclusive golf course, it’s easy to soak in the ambiance and marvel at your surroundings. 


Creating that feeling of luxury, the sense that everything has been placed perfectly – it’s not a simple process. A well-designed luxury commercial building should be unique, giving guests a sense of having been invited to something exclusive and inimitable.


Here at Pasadera Builders, we love giving our clients and their guests that sense of wonder. In this short piece, we pull back the curtain, and reveal to you how our luxury commercial properties are created:

Plan your project


The first step is, of course, to plan everything out. This is the most exciting step of the process – we get to bring your dreams to life. How do you want to bring the feeling of luxury to your clients? There are so many options – you can opt for modern architectural styles, or a refined throwback. You can merge styles from different eras. You can go totally off-the-wall and connect with an architect who has a unique vision.


There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes during this step – we will, of course, consult with you the whole way through. We can help you pick a site for the construction of your building, and secure the land with a Letter of Intent. We’ll help you find an architect. Once we have an idea of the building’s form, our interior design team will help you choose decor, fixtures, and more.

Designing your luxury property


Once we’ve fleshed out the details, we can begin designing in full force. In this step, the architecture and interior design teams will collaborate to finalize the building plan. We’ll then select and procure the materials needed to construct the property. We’ll also assemble a team of contractors to begin construction. Plumbers, electricians, an industrial flooring contractor – it takes a big team to create a luxury property.




Finally, we can begin constructing the building. We’ll secure all of the permits you need in order to start and complete construction. We’ll then prepare the site and begin constructing the building, starting with the foundation and framing, and ending with interior design elements like paint.


Depending on what you have in mind for your luxury commercial building, you might see imported marble floors being installed, spiral staircases being built, and paths being placed through well-kept gardens. It’s all up to you.


This will all be done in a timely and efficient manner with no incidents: safety is always the top priority. As our friends at Skyline Crane say: being on time, on budget, and incident-free are non negotiables.


The finishing touches


Once construction is complete, it’s time for the big moment: the walk-through. This is where you tour the building before we hand the keys over. You can let us know if there’s anything that doesn’t meet your standards, and we’ll work together to improve it. Once you’re completely satisfied with your new property, you’ll sign all the required documentation, and voila! You have a luxury property that you and your clients will be thrilled with.


We hope that this brief synopsis has given you a better idea of the work that goes into creating a luxury property. Should you have any questions at all, or want more granular details about the process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the luxury builders at Pasadera Builders.

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