What to Consider When Buying a Lot

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What to Consider When Buying a Lot

Before you can get started with the fun stage of building your dream home, you must decide where you want to build it or more importantly, where you want to live. Our team can help you consider the important factors so that your lot fits your needs, wants, and lifestyle. Let’s go over what to consider when purchasing a lot in San Antonio, Boerne, Cordillera Ranch, and beyond. 


Location & Neighborhood 

  • Where do you & your family want to live? 
  • What would the work/school commute look like? 
  • What school districts do you prefer? 
  • Do you want more community or seclusion? 


Lot Features 

  • What’s your ideal home setting? 
  • Do you want lots of trees surrounding & shading your home? 
  • Do you want to be more exposed or tucked away? 


Lot Size 

  • What’s the lot size? 
  • Will there be plenty of room for everything? (house, yard, garage, guest house, etc.) Lot Cost 
  • What’s your budget for your lot & home? 
  • What are the property taxes? 
  • Will you be financing? 


Typography, Soil Conditions, & Foliage 

  • Will any trees need to be moved? 
  • Is there storm water detention or drainage on-site? 
  • Is the lot on an incline or in a floodplain? 


There are a few factors that can affect the cost, design, & timeline such as neighborhood guidelines, zoning, lot size and shape, restrictions, easements, etc. To recap, we’ve covered what to consider when purchasing a lot to help make the lot buying stage a little less overwhelming.


At Pasadera, we’re more than just an average Hill Country home builder, we’re your home builder. Every step of the way, we work with you to help you create your dream home. Let us show you the quality that’s made us the go-to home builders in the San Antonio, Boerne and Cordillera Ranch areas since 2005. We believe that a home should be just as unique as the family living there and is where your best memories take place. Pasadera Builders fulfills its passion by building a house where your friends and family will feel most at home so you can start building those memories.

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